Thursday, April 22, 2010

Massive market on Saturday

This is it, our record breaking market.  Biggest ever!  A massive 39 stalls.

Because there are so many, I wont bore you with a huge list and long details, just the stallholder names:

Blaze Mason
Kate Allen
22 Cupcakes
Pauline Ford
Robin Cochrane
Tamar Valley Gourmet Foods
Love Bubbles
Lindsey & Sam
Handmade by Rowena
BJ Creations
Meg's Knits n Bits
L&L Quilts
Shaz & Marys' Knits
Mary & Janice
Photos Algeria
Bernie & Jo
Janine Collins
Hoot Hoot Skirts
Three Little Chickens
Emma Kimpton
Paper & Thread
Snowpea Handmade
Cheryl's Creations
Tina Pinkard
Gemma Bryan
Rocky Gardens
Michael Lees
Marilyn Bounds
Super Duper Churros
Anouk da Silva

We will occupy the hall, the laneway and the glass walkway!  Our new entry will be throught the glass walkway and the stairs are our exit.

See you there on Saturday!

Pilgrim Hall, Paterson St, opp. Myer carpark

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A wonderful mix at the market today

Our markets recently have been absolutely stunning if I do say so myself!

We have had a wonderful range of stalls filled with just beautiful stuff.  Honestly, if you haven't been down recently (or at all!!) you need to get down to our next one on 24th April.

Here are some shots from today's market:

A very cute tea cosy from Mary & Shazzas' Knits

Toy farmyard fences made by Tom, aged 8 - 'cause farmyard fences are hard to find!

Mr Insipid's Tasmanian Devils hand crocheted by Omar

Sesame Street cupcakes from 22 Cupcakes

House shoes from Janellish

Baby beanies from Samspiration

Scarves from Rowena

Hand-bound journals from Isis

Covered button fridge magnets in cool tins from Three Little Chickens

Very groovy bags from Memsbags

Beanies from Meg's Knits 'n' Bits

Adorable hair clips from inner+child

Wall stickers from Eezy Peezy

Totes from Mary & Janice

What I can only describe as spiders web knit wool scarves - light, warm and absolutely gorgeous by BJ Creations

Be there on 24th April for our biggest market ever, with an awesome array of handmade stuff, guaranteed to tickle your fancy.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Market This Weekend!

As per usual I'm chasing my tail and it's 11.05pm - way past my bedtime!

With the cold starting to set in and winter well on the way, knitting and warmth are the order of the day.

So here are our fab stalls for this weekend:

Cheryl's Creations - Cheryl's own free form knitting and stuff

Pauline Ford - **new**

Hoot Hoot - just my cool skirts

inner+child - very groovy childrens' accessories

Love Bubbles - jewellery, original art, cards

Handmade by Rowena - welcome back!! knitted and quilted homewares

Sow and Sew - knitted scarves and wraps

Meredith - cool bags

BJ Creations - gorgeous, wraps and scarves, delicate like spiders webs

Tilly Boo - pillowcase dresses, nappy sacs
Three Little Chickens - very cute stuff like jewellery, hair things and you know, stuff

22 Cupcakes - yummo cupcakes

Mary & Janice - huge range of bags and totes, skirts, booties

Tina Pinkard - all kinds of sewn bags and runners

Robin Cochrane - chunky jewellery that will catch your eye

Barbara Regent - **new**

Janellish - hair accessories and things  **new**

Shaz & Mary - welcome back! knitted stuff like beanies and gloves, scarves, things

Samspiration - felted items like very cute booties & hats, brooches and toys

Margaret - scarves & hats

Rocky Gardens - jams, sauces

Lees Orchards - new seasons apples, free range eggs

Four Seasons Herbs - every kind of herb that you could imagine

Marilyn Bounds - **new**

Eezy Peezy - very way cool stickers to decorate a child's room

Peter McDonald - **new**

Jowella - Churros - yum!

We are growing!!!  Just you wait for next fortnight... we are massive.  Every reason to come along to each market or you'll miss out.

See you Saturday!

Pilgrim Hall, Paterson St (opp. Myer carpark)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Clarence Point Rocks!!

WOW!!  What more can I say?

Clarence Point went off today - the people came, and came and came and come...

Congratulations to Robin and the Point of Women crew for putting on such a fantastic event.  There was a lovely range of stalls, great food and masses of people.

As per usual I didn't get around to taking a photo... sorry...

Here's to next year!