Monday, December 28, 2009

Aaahhh... holidays

'Poison' Ivy and Harriet, the 'H-Bomb'
I'm having a little holiday.  Not going anywhere.  Not doing anything special.  Just not doing anything.  Noice.

I must be honest, and admit that today, I did go and do a little stocktake of my skirts to find out how many I need to sew next week.  Probably shouldn't have done that...  The answer is too many.  More than I can sew in a week.  Do you know what that means?  I sold 18 skirts in the two weeks prior to Christmas!  Good-ness me!

And so my holiday is ruined, momentarily, because I realise that I need to restock and I need to start this week if I'm going to hold a full compliment of stock for the 9th January market.  Maybe I'll just take orders until I can rebuild my stock.

So back to my holiday.  I've been relishing the extra time with my littlies, pictured above.  The H-Bomb, at two and a half, has been an absolute gem over Christmas.  She cracks me up all the time with her endless chatter and funny quips.  She doesn't miss a trick.  Poison Ivy, now 6 months, is a little stunner with a huge grin that she dishes out readily.  She loves her big sister and when she starts getting around I'm sure she'll be a little shadow.

Here she is pictured in the beepbeep sling I bought recently.  This is her fave spot at the moment.  She sits up in it and tries to grab everything in arms reach.  She drops off to sleep with the movement and loves being close to mum.  She is such a mummy's girl.

Well, better get back to doing... nothing.  Aaaah... holidays.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas is over for this year... at the Homespun Market anyway!

Our final market for 2009 certainly went off with a bang!

A few hiccups with another function on-site meant that all of our outside stalls had to be shifted to the footpath in front of the hall.  Whilst this was just a temporary measure for the day I think it ended up being quite successful and only added to the atmosphere at the market.

Pity the Council wouldn't agree...

The laneway looked its best with Rocky Gardens, Four Seasons Herbs, Country Hot Potatoes and Lees Orchards showing their wares.

Look at them lined up at Pat's Rocky Gardens stall for that yummy jam and sauce!:

Our inside stalls went off without a hiccup and all looked great.  My photography efforts didn't stretch that far thanks to Poison Ivy and her bad day.  I also missed getting a photo of the little choir that turned up to do some busking and the gorgeous little boy with his violin!  They sounded so awesome!

With the beautiful weather, the great crowd and wonderful offerings from our stalls, we had a lovely day all round.

Thanks so much for your support in 2009.

We re-open on 9th January 2010 in our new format of the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month.

Have a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year break!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

last market before christmas... don't miss out!

Ok, so I've got a really limited amount of time to write this blog entry about who is going to be at the market this week.  Sorry, no long winded bits about everyones stuff, just the bare basics this week.

Samspiration - felted brooches, toys, beanies, animals

Soewnearth - hand-dyed silk scarves and handmade buttons

Hoot Hoot Hooray - wrap skirts

Kylane Creations - cards, photo albums, hair accessories

inner+child - children's accessories

Robin Cochrane - chunky, beaded jewellery & freshwater pearls

Isis - handbound journals

Nicole dj - flat toys, hair accessories, scarves

Crystal Rivet - sock toys, embroidered buttons

Kathleen Ritson - egyptian cotton sheet sets, neck cushions, cards, Creative Memories solutions

Mary Curran and Janice - hand bags, purses and totes, skirts

Tamar Valley Gourmet Foods - cakes, slices, biscuits, christmas baking, choc coated raspberries

Janine Collins - hand-dyed silk scarves, embellished tees

Tina Pinkard - bags of all descriptions, christmas decorations

Apooki - hair accessories, baby onesies

Lizart - jewellery

Cheryl Medwin - freefrom crochet & knitting

Megan & Genevieve - cupcakes! and soft toys

Little Jenny Wren Dolls - cute dolls and bits

Bubbamia - purses, pencil rolls

Shaz & Mary - knitted items

Rocky Gardens - jams, sauces, preserves

Four Seasons Herbs - potted herbs, organic coffee

Lees Orchards - apples, free-range eggs, veg

Mis'chief by Tuskin - jewellery, hats, brooches, rings

Hot Country Potatoes - lllllunch!

3 Blind Mice - soy wax candles in recycled containers

Baindu Tamba - african hair braiding, jewellery, clothing

Niki - kid's clothing & accessories

Rare - handbags and satchels made from recycled fabrics

Sally Novak - jewellery made from natural findings

Bruno Barcodi - chunky, cool, silver pendants

Wow-wee, 32 stalls!!  Our biggest market ever!

Get your last minute gifts, a cupcake for morning tea, a potato for lunch and your christmas baking at this week's market.  Who wouldn't want to come along!!

Where is it again?  Pilgrim Hall, Paterson St, Launceston (opposite Myer carpark)
And what time? 10am-3pm sharp

PS. We are opening fortnightly in 2010 on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month.  Our next market is 9th January 2010.

Monday, December 14, 2009

busy, busy, busy

one weekend... two markets

First it was the Homespun Market on Saturday. 

Where did all of those people come from??!  It was a huge day - 18 inside and 9 outside stalls and lots and lots of patrons.

Then, on Sunday, it was up with (or quite possibly before) the sparrows and off to Hobart for the market.

Another great day!  We were stoked with the awesome antique hat and coat stand that was provided to us and also our position close to the 'secret toilet' come fitting room with a great mirror!

our stall at 'the market' Hobart

We were intrigued with all the amazing chairs and cupboards and so many of those hat stands and secret rooms and cctv and intercoms and gizmos and gadgets in this amazing venue - the Masonic Temple.  We felt very naughty having a little poke around and came away with more questions about the use of the facility than answers.  Very interesting.

our 'point of sale counter' consisted of a little stand that we found right behind our stall that held our carry bags beautifully and we brought down our own trunk as our 'table'

We sold some skirts and had a good look around this lovely market.  It is held on the first Sunday of each month and is run by three amazing ladies.  The halls looked really lovely with good lighting, a free-flowing layout and excellent signage.

I'm now absolutely stuffed but about to get into an order taken from yesterday so that I can get it in the mail tomorrow.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Handmade Christmas

I took a little 'me time' last weekend after the market and jumped on the plane to Melbourne for a couple of days.  Little H-Bomb stayed behind with Grandma and Grampsie, and Poison Ivy, who is still being breast-fed, came along with me for the ride.

Trips to Melbourne normally encompass a huge amount of shopping, especially the pre-Christmas trip.  But do you know what?  I spent more at the last two Homespun Markets than I did in Melbourne. 

This Christmas is a handmade Christmas.

I am giving the most gorgeous, special and different gifts this year.  Why not pop down to the market and make your Christmas a handmade Christmas too.

This week, you can find:

Soewnearth - beautiful woven silk scarves, hand-dyed woollen tops, very cool handmade buttons and groovy scarf pins

Chocolates in Bloom - give a bunch of chocolates instead of flowers or use Nicole's special boxed treats as a centre for the Christmas table

Cheryl Medwin - Cheryl's own free-form knitting and crochet including cute cards

Bubbamia - cute coin purses and groovy pencil rolls, great gifts!

Kylane Creations - our talented and metamorphic Kylie has her scrapbooked cards, chockies and canvases and now does really cute button hair ties too

inner+child - back again this week with their groovy childrens' accessories

Robin Cochrane - chunky-style beaded jewellery including freshwater pearls

Isis Made - you must see Isis' very awesome hand-bound journals, did I say awesome... awesome!!!

Raewyn Makes - **new** click on the link and have a look at those amazing cards!  go on!

Kathleen Ritson - botanical print cards, egyptian cotton sheets for all size beds, neck cushions, Creative Memories solutions

Mary Curran and Janice - lots and lots of different shaped and styled totes plus cute skirts made with lovely stretch cotton jersey

Lee Harper - welcome back Lee!  Gorgeous handstitched and embroidered things...

Lizart - Really lovely beaded jewellery and handmade rings

Janine Collins - welcome back too!  Hand-dyed silk scarves plus scarves that have been loom-woven by hand, just so nice

Tina Pinkard - shopping bags, table runners, all kinds of fabric and sewn stuff

Apooki - cool fabric button hair things and new appliqued onesies this week

Taritta Butchart - cute little vintage pillowcase dresses

Red Bamboo - yum, yum! Soy candles, soaps, lip balms, bath bombs, oh so decadent!

Waifs and Strays - **new** very practical and very beautiful bags made from vintage fabrics

Rocky Gardens - jams and sauces - you'll just be sick of me saying how yummy they are - so buy some and try for yourself!

Four Seasons Herbs - herbs, herbs and herbs oh and organic coffee beans too!

Niki - very cute, very gorgeous kids clothing and accessories

Chris - **new** finally, something for little boys!  Remember those little, wooden toys you had as a kid.  Real toys they were, not plastic so and so.  Get these right here at the market on Saturday!

Mis'chief by Tuskin - all kinds of handmade bits and pieces by the talented Kellie

Country Fresh Hot Potatoes - mmmmm, lunch!

Axis Design - **new** honey, grown right here in the Tamar Valley

Lees Orchards - apples and free-range eggs and sometimes fresh veg too!

Bruno Barcodi - really beautiful pendants or commission Bruno for your next sculpture

Rare - bags made from reclaimed and recycled materials

We are taking over the Pilgrim Uniting Church property.  We are in three different areas this week and we also have some artwork from the John Calvin School in the gallery too.  We are so worth crossing Paterson Street for!

See you at the Pilgrim Hall on Saturday from 10am to 3pm on the dot.

PS.  If you would like a Hoot Hoot Hooray wrap skirt this week, you will either have to come down to the market hobart, buy one online or wait until next week :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stallholder Profile - Red Bamboo Handmade Things

We are soooo lucky this week to have Annie from Red Bamboo Handmade Things at the market!

Annie moved down from sunny, warm Queensland to cold, changable Tassie with her hubby and two cats nearly one year ago.  She was entrenched in the markets up there too with a regular gig at Designers Emporium which is now Boutique Markets.

We first met Annie a few months ago at our September market.  Wow, were we impressed with her gorgeous soaps, lotions, lip balms and soy candles and melts, all beautifully packaged!

I finally came to acquire a couple of Annie's products a few weeks ago and I am hooked!  The scents are amazing!  I've been keeping them with my Christmas present stash in the formal lounge which is closed up most of the time.  I now regularly just pop my head in and take a whiff and mmmmmm! it smells so good!

Annie is back at the market this week with a small range of her wonderful products.  She'll be flanked by a few friends including our favourite journal maker, Isis.

See Annie and friends at the Market this Saturday, 10am-3pm, Pilgrim Hall.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

to market, to market

The day is set.  The weather is looking favourable, not too hot, not too cold.  The stallholders are stocked up and ready.  The hall will be looking radiant (and even more so next week - watch this space!).

And the starters for tomorrow are:

Chocolates in Bloom - the place, the only place where you can buy these gorgeous bunches of chocolates.  If you're stuck for a baby shower gift, Nicole has some beautiful things for that too!

littlejomm -  very cool, very hip, very cosmopolitan - as featured this week, groovy kid's tops

Hoot Hoot Hooray - what can I say, the grooviest - it is my stock, so I can be biased!  Cotton drill wrap skirts with a designer print on the front - just a little different

inner+child - really gorgeous little kids things for decorating the bedroom or wearing, including very cute little fairy wing t-shirts

Robin Cochrane - lovely, chunky-style beaded jewellery and freshwater pearls

The Sweet Tooth -  Tasmanian-made lollies, chocolates and fudges

Kathleen Ritson - a large range of neck cushions, Egyptian cotton sheets, botanical themed cards, Creative Memories solutions

Mary Curran and Janice -  our lovely and friendly mum and daughter team have a huge range of totes and bags and comfy cotton jersey skirts too

Tina Pinkard - if you haven't gotten your Christmas Tree Skirt yet, get one from Tina!  She also has bags including very handy shopping bags

Sue Lee-Archer - a range of knitted and sewn items including cute Christmas tree ornaments

Kylane Creations - really lovely scrapbooking themed cards, albums, wall hangings and chocolate!

Lizart - jewellery of all kinds including fine beaded jewellery and rings

Three Little Chickens - cards, bags and oh I can't remember what else Carrie-Ann sent me!  Come and see for yourself!

Vicki Barnes **new**

Samspiration - just beautiful felted bits and bobs including the most divine brooches, children's toys, mobiles, booties and beanies

Emma Kimpton - even though she has moved back to the big smoke, her beautiful cards are still available for a limited time, until sold out!

Taritta Burchart **new**

Niki - gorgeous, gorgeous children's wear.  Beautiful dresses and cute overalls!

Mis'chief by Tuskin - a range of bits and bobs that have been sewn and beaded.  Everything from hats to jewellery and brooches too

Rocky Gardens - you know the speel already and if you're buying the supermarket jam, you are missing out on an amazing eating experience big time!

Four Seasons Herbs - a huge range of potted herbs.  Pot up your own mini herb garden today... or tomorrow actually, a great gift for someone who has everything, or just to improve your own cooking experience!  Ask Tara how...

Do I need to remind you that we are in town.  You're coming in to do your Christmas shopping anyway, so get out of the mall and check out our 22 micro-shops under one roof!

Pilgrim Hall, on Paterson Street, opposite the Myer/Birchalls carpark.  10am-3pm.  Don't miss it!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Stallholder Profile - littlejomm

We at Civic Homespun Market love new stalls!  We are most honoured when someone chooses to make our market the stepping stone for their next big venture.

The thing I like most about littlejomm is that it caters amazingly well for little boys.  I have 2 girls and have no difficulty in coming home with something for them after every market!  But boys are a little more difficult to shop for so I'm told by friends with boys.  These guys have girls' tops too, but they have a great range of boys stuff.
This is what the creative minds behind littlejomm say about their brand: 

"littlejomm came about when two mums, Nikki and Nicole, both with two young children wanted some cool, unique tops for their kids.  littlejomm has been in the pipeline for about 7 months and finally 'went to market' 2 weeks ago'. Our name littlejomm is inspired from our children's names, Jasper, Oscar, Maisie and Mabel.
Our tops are 100% cotton and are appliqued with screen printed material sourced from Australia and Europe. No two tops are exactly the same."

What a great and practical gift idea for those little ones in your life!
Catch littlejomm at the market this Saturday!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

rain, rain go away - and you did - and the people came...

After an initial busy start to the market, the people all left us and obviously found themselves a good little posie from which to view the Christmas Parade.

We were sitting there all depressed thinking, "have we seen the best of it?", "is it going to get any better today?".

Well, the Christmas Parade finished, which coincided with the rain stopping, and the sun showing us its glorious rays and the people came, and they came, and they came.

Pity I ran around all day like a mad woman and didn't get any photos... sorry.

We had some absolutely beautiful new stalls today too.  Next week I'll post some photos of some awesome new stuff that we have leading up to Christmas.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

What a handmade-fest this weekend!

People of Launceston you are spoilt! 

You have the most amazing choice of gifts and 'stuff for yourself' that are all completely handmade  - all of the raw materials have been loving hand-picked, hand-designed and then handmade with love by the stallholder.  Each item is individual and special.

Who wouldn't want a handmade gift for Christmas, I ask you?  Me, I just love handmade brooches at the moment... nod, nod, wink, wink to my family!

At the market this weekend, you will be spoilt by:

Samspiration - beautiful felted products including cute animals, toys, brooches, mobiles, booties and hats

Tamar Valley Gourmet Foods - the most yummiest cakes and biscuits including a gluten-free range which are equally as yummy.  Don't forget the choc-coated raspberries!

Hoot Hoot Hooray! - wrap skirts with groovy pictures on them

Tact-ilse- Linda's wonderful and whimsical range of original art, felted items, cute brooches and accessories

Three Little Chickens - little applique singlets, handbags and cards

Shaz and Marys' Knits - these guys are amazing knitters!  They come up with groovy knits each time they're at the market.  And knits aren't just for winter - come and see!

Robin Cochrane - gorgeous beaded necklaces, but not like you've seen anywhere else.  Freshwater pearls too.

Little Jomm - for the very hip, very cool baby - tops and onesies with awesome applique pictures on them, the perfect gift for a little one in your life for christmas!

Louise Garwood - all kinds of cool things from homewares and knits to christmas tree decorations.

The Sweet Tooth - lollies and fudges including a new range of sweets and lollipops all made right here in our own little state.

Anouk Vittori **new**

Kathleen Ritson - you must come and feel Kathleens's Egyptian cotton sheets and now quilt covers.  They are beautiful and awesome value for money.  Kathleen also has a great range of neck cushions.

Mary Curran (and mum, Janice!) - these two pocket-rockets make a huge range of handbags and totes that are well priced and great-looking.  They also make a lovely range of  cotton jersey and print skirts that is different every week.

Handmade by Rowena - welcome back Rowena!  Unique and individual homewares made with a range of fabrics.  Last time she had beautiful knitted throws and cushions!

Tasmanian Incense - frangrant incense sticks made here by Kelly

Sue Lee-Archer **new** - handmade dolls, animals, teddies, baby beanies and booties

Kelly Tuskin **new**

Nigel Gibson **new** - original art and timber products

Nicole Namgyal **new**

Rocky Gardens - I am addicted to Pat's raspberry jam, you will be too!  Jams and sauces, buy a few for the rellos this Christmas

Four Seasons Herbs - a huge range of potted herbs - it is so cool to have your own herb garden - even in a pot!  Ask Tara how...

Lees Orchards - apples, apples, apples!  Straight from the orchard to you - value for money!

Did I say spoilt!

Don't run around town like a chook with its head cut off!  Come and take time to browse our 23 'shops' full of special, beautiful and lovingly-made products under one roof!

See you at Pilgrim Hall (opposite Myer/Birchalls carpark) between 10am and 3pm tomorrow.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Market Tomoz!

I am excited about tomorrow's market!

Here's why:

inner+child - gorgeous children's accessories including birdie felt brooches and hairclips plus very cute t-shirts with fairy wings on the back - my 2 year old has one and throws a tantrum when it has to go in the wash!

Kylane Creations - Kylie's new and ever expanding range of scrapbooked products including novel photo albums, cards, wall hangings and chocolate blocks

Tina Pinkard - an array of bags plus get your Christmas Tree skirt right here!

Chocolates in Bloom - our featured stallholder for this week! wonderful bunches and boxes of flowers perfect for a special gift or as a centrepiece for your christmas lunch.

Mary Curran - hand-designed and made organic cotton jersey skirts, plus a huge range of handbags

Apooki - covered button hair accessories and Angela's range of very groovy owl fridge magnets which caught my imagination last time!

Kathleen Ritson - hand-designed, botanical print cards, great neck cushions and beautiful 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet sets

Bubbamia - little coin purses for big people or little people - what a great stocking filler!

Shaz & Marys' Knits - these guys make the most f-a-b knitted stuff and its not just for winter! light scarves, brooches and very cool bracelets among other things.

Hoot Hoot Hooray! - cotton drill wrap skirts with groovy prints on them. New colour arrived this week: red!!!

Three Little Chickens - great little appliqued singlets, cool handbags and all kinds of other stuff.

Robin Cochrane - beautiful beaded jewellery in show-stopping designs including freshwater pearls

Rocky Gardens - yummo jams and sauces...

Four Seasons Herbs - a huge range of potted herbs plus organic coffee beans

Lees Orchards - apples! I bought royal galas last week and they were divine

At the Homespun Market we literally have your Christmas gifts sewn up!

So get on down to the Pilgrim Hall on Saturday between 10am and 3pm.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stallholder Profile - Chocolates in Bloom

Chocolates in Bloom is a new little business run by mum of one, Nicole Hall.

This boutique business sprung up out of Nicole's creative side and the need to give her brain a change from mothering... strikes a chord with me!

The basic concept of Chocolates in Bloom is a box or bunch of chocolates. A great idea as a novel alternative for a bunch of flowers! Beautiful to look at and then you can eat it!

Nicole has put together a range of boxes for Christmas.

Wouldn't this one look great as a centrepiece on your table for Christmas lunch! Or a lovely little Christmas tree for those with limited space.

See Nicole and Chocolates in Bloom at the market this Saturday, then also 5th and 12th December.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A scrummy market tomorrow

This is who we are showcasing tomorrow:

Michael Lees - we have apples! Yay! Get your apples direct from the grower at tomorrow's market!

Rocky Gardens - yum, yum, yum... jams and sauces for yourself or a practical and yummy christmas gift.

Samspiration - Margot's array of felted knits featuring the cutest brooches in animal, floral, button and more designs.

Tact-ilse - welcome back Linda! Linda's dolls, original artwork, stitched and felted items will keep you browsing for ages.

Louise Garwood - the place to get something knitted, beautiful scarves!

Tamar Valley Gourmet Foods - Tanya is back again with cakes and biscuits including a gluten-free range and choc-coated raspberries to die for!

Hoot Hoot Hooray - groovy wrap skirts.

Sarah & Carley - the cutest little tutus for your own little fairy, hair accessories and lovely handmade and versatile wraps for babies.

Kylane Creations - Kylie's creative side has been at full throttle this week! As well as her beautiful scrapbooked cards, timber photo albums, and chocolate blocks (see our blog post earlier this week) she has some new covered canvases that would make a great gift for your best friend.

inner+child - stocking fillers for your little ones to the max here! hair accessories and brooches, mobiles, cushions, pint-sized aprons and great kid's kitchen and garden gift sets.

littlejom - **new** very cool appliqued childrens' tops.

Mary Curran - back this week with their own organic cotton jersey skirts plus a huge range of handbags in all shapes and sizes.

Carol Dykman - the most grooviest softies you have ever seen made from Carol's amazing stash of fabrics, ribbon and buttons. Also, Carol's talented daughters show off their handmade cards and original artwork.

Kathleen Ritson - divine Egyptian cotton sheet sets for big beds and cots too, handy neck cushions, hand-drawn botanical print cards and the Creative Memories solutions to diy.

Cheryl's Creations - Cheryl's own free-form knitting and crochet clothing, cards, slippers, brooches.

Soewnearth - real art on fabric! silk scarves, 100% wool tops, gorgeous silk woven vests all hand dyed using completely natural products.

Tasmanian Incense - handmade incense sticks in a wonderful array of scents. Kelly is very talented and also does cards with original artwork, cool knitted flowers on stems and heaps more stuff!

Nicole dj - more great gifts for children! fabric teddies and awesome fabric phones that are flat so you can throw one in your handbag to keep the kiddlies busy when you least expect.

Emma Kimpton - framed original art, cards, very cool sausage dog t-shirts (t-shirts with sausage dog prints for people, not sausage dogs!!).

Thomas Ryan Photography - absolutely beautiful photos taken by this talented artist of Launceston landmarks and surrounds. Ready to hang or just order a print...

So you simply must come!! Gifts galore for Christmas or just a little something for yourself :)

Pilgrim Hall (opposite the Myer/Birchalls carpark), 10am-3pm, Saturdays.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Isis Made has cool new journals!

Isis Made stall was the star of our recent photo shoot at the market.

Lisa Kuilenburg took these great shots:

Isis has since sourced a new paper which is 100% recycled, made in Australia and is available with lines and music lines too!

There is also an awesome new design made with recylced albums:

Very groovy, Isis! Can't wait to have you back at the market on 12th December!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stallholder Profile - Kylane Creations

This week our featured stallholder is Kylie Mackrill from Kylane Creations.

timber photo albums - just add your own photos for a special, personal gift

Kylie has recently transformed her stock from beaded jewellery into scrapbooked cards, albums and gifts.

gorgeous scrapbooked cards

Kylie is a manager at a tyre retailer during her weekday hours. She has 3 teenage children who keep her busy.

In her spare time, Kylie loves to make things with paper. She has a little studio in the shed at the back of the garden and retreats there for her 'me time'.

a block of chocolate is no longer a boring gift... what a great idea!

'Me time' is obviously a creative and productive time for Kylie as she comes out with these special products.

Catch Kylane Creations at the market every week.

We're going big-time and running a TV campaign!

Ok, so in my other job with a national company from which I'm currently on maternity leave, we'd call it a TVC (television campaign).

We'd get an info pack through our intranet site including a 20 page speccy powerpoint presentation showing the market research and charts with our goals at what percentage we'll grow our business during this campaign and a heap of text and showy pictures. All of this will justify to our big bosses who sign off on our spend that we need this TVC.

At the Homespun Market, I have used a very complicated equation to decide our advertising for this year. It goes something like this: market open(few know about it/not much traffic through the door)/little time to do cheap marketing = must let maximum people know that we're open by using mass media in a TVC!!!

Just in case you're not a maths wizz (I once was, but having 2 babies has stolen quite a few of my brain cells!), we are open, we don't have enough people coming through, and I need a way to get people in the door in a short period of time.

Look out for our advert on Southern Cross TV. We are running the ads on Wed-Fri for the next 6 weeks from this Wednesday.

Watch this space as I'll post a copy of the ad in the blog on Wednesday.

PS. The ads feature the gorgeous photography from Lisa Kuilenburg :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Market Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of the market this weekend. I hope you feel so overwhelmed that you must come along on Saturday!

This week we have:

Kathleen Ritson - beautiful, beautiful Egyptian Cotton sheet sets, handy back and neck support cushions, printed cards with hand-drawn botanical scenes and Creative Memories solutions - such a talented lady!

inner+child - Cath and Rach are profiled on our site this week and bring their usual offering of cool kid's stuff to the market.

SoewnEarth - hand-dyed products in earthy tones, silk scarves, breath-taking raw silk woven and dyed accessories and new merino wool tops.

Chocolates in Bloom - a great alternative to a bunch of flowers - a bunch of chocolates! New products this week include gorgeous baby shower gifts.

Samspiration - hand knitted and then felted creations. Cute little handbags, childrens toys and accessories plus Margot's new range of beautiful brooches.

hoot hoot horray! - cotton drill wrap skirts with motif pictures on them. we have a change room with a full length mirror, so don't be shy about trying one on!

Tam & Friends - denim bibs with a difference. seriously cool bibs for seriously cool kids.

Kylane Creations - beaded jewellery plus Kylie's very special scrapbooked photo albums. Kylie will make to order, so if you have a special occasion coming up and want a special album made, see Kylie and she will organise a memorable gift for your loved one...

Rocky Gardens - the jams and sauces from Pat's kitchen are divine and that's all you need to know. If you leave the market without a jar, you're a mug mate!

Tamar Valley Gourmet Foods - I've been told from reliable sources that the banana cake is to die for... Tanya also offers chocolate coated raspberries, a good range of yummy gluten-free biscuits and new this week, marinated feta!

Meg & Rainie - beaded and button jewellery plus these great wooden spoons that have a slit in them so that they sit on the side of your pot and not on the bench making a mess...

Mary Curran - hand-sewn treats including lovely quality skirts

Thomas Ryan Photography - Thomas has taken a range of stunning photographs in and around Launceston which he has for sale at the market. You must stop and have a good look at the work of this great artist.

Cathryn Gibson - Cathryn fashions headbands in a wonderful array of fabrics specialising in Fred Bare fabric. If you're a Fred Bare fan, come and chat to Cathryn, she knows everything about this brand!

Sarah & Carley - cute little children's hair accessories, warm wraps and gorgeous ballerina tutus for little girls. Also, pick up a calendar for Grandma for Christmas that you can add your own family photos for a personal touch.

Shaz & Mary - our talented knitters who have shown us that knitted stuff is not only for winter! last time they had outstanding knitted bracelets with a cute flower that I just had to have and am very impressed with! Of course, they have the usual hats and gloves and stuff too in lovely colours.

So if you're not going away this long weekend, there's no need to be depressed!

Perk yourself up and head into Pilgrim Hall on Saturday between 10am and 3pm!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stallholder Profile - inner+child

One of our regular stallholders is inner+child.

Stallholders Rachael and Cath share this stall with their individual little treats of children's homewear and accessories.

Rach sews lovely cushions and cute kid-size aprons.

Cath makes very gorgeous felt accessories. Hairclips, brooches, rings, headbands and mobiles in birds, flowers, apples and mushrooms.

Cath's latest product is the most gorgeous little fairy wings for darling little girls. The wings are sewn onto a t-shirt and can be worn as a very cute every-day kind of top or as a dress up - whatever you feel is appropriate. My own little H-bomb (2 years old) owns one and it generally doesn't make to it the cupboard. It's either on her or in the wash! She loves it. I let her wear it as a top and she is an absolute darling in it :) I am a little biased!

If you have a little girl you simply must check out the very gorgeous, easily washable and easy wearable fairy tops.

See inner+child at the market every week.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

beautiful day, gorgeous photos

what a beautiful day yesterday!

check out the gorgeous photos taken by talented hobart photographer lisa kuilenburg.

all i know about photography is that you press the button, the camera goes click and hopefully the moment has been caught.

in the click of her button, lisa has managed to capture and record the atmosphere of our little market to a tea!

thanks so much, lisa!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Three words: weekly from saturday!

Our second season is oh so close! Just 6 days to the kick off. We are gathering a following and they are making the Homespun Market a must do on their calendar! "Who will be there this weekend?" "What new stalls are there?" "Did you see the [thingo] on [that] stall?"

So here is the line up:

Rebecca Roth - yes, you read it right! Rebecca is back with her amazing resin jewellery, don't miss her this weekend!

Tamar Valley Gourmet Foods - **new** delicious homemade cakes, biscuits and the most delectable choc coated raspberries - a gluten free specialist too!

Cheryl's Creations - made by our own Aunty Cheryl, hand knitted and crocheted bits and bobs, freeform cardis, cards

inner+child - gorgeous little felt hairclips and brooches, child size aprons, homeware and wearables for little tots

Kylane Creations - beaded jewellery and detailed photo albums made from timber and scrapbooked into wonderful creations

hoot hoot - **new** cotton wrap skirts that are easy to wear and look great

Isis Made - **new** gorgeous hand bound journals and books, a must see!

Meg Thompson - casual beaded and button jewellery that is great on the eye and functional too

Kathleen Ritson - **new** Egyptian cotton sheet sets for all size beds including cot size, travel pillows, greeting cards featuring Kathleen's talent for wonderful botanical drawings plus Creative Memories solutions for diy scrapbooking

Samspiration - beautiful felted toys, brooches and bits

Sewnearth - delicate, hand-dyed, silk scarves and accessories in warm earthy tones

Thomas Ryan Photography - photo art by Thomas which will inspire you

Mary Curran - **new** all things textile from purses and handbags to skirts plus knitted slippers, hats and scarves

Village Hot Bread Shop - a large range of fresh breads that are yummo!

Tina Pinkard - hand sewn homewares and accessories

Robin Cochrane - elegant beaded jewellery including gorgeous freshwater pearls

Shaz & Mary - passionate knitters who have all kinds of soft, warm, colourful and groovy knits

Emma Kimpton - Emma's stunningly detailed hand-drawn art will melt your heart - ooh that rhymes!

Bare Studio - a large range of head bands for even the most discerning child, Fred Bare fabrics a specialty

Rocky Gardens - jams, relishes, sauces, fruit cakes, that taste like they were made in your Grandma's kitchen. Yum, yum, yum!

Four Seasons Herbs - a huge range of potted herbs, plus organic coffee beans too

Tasmanian Incense - **new** Kelly's own range of handmade incense sticks that smell divine

Baindu Tamba - african hair braiding and handmade clothing and jewellery african-style

Rare - very groovy bags made from recycled and reclaimed fabrics

And in the all new Homespun Gallery we have John Calvin School with an exhibition of artwork recently displayed at the Launceston Show.

This is an event not to be missed this Saturday, because it will all be different again next week!

Join us at Pilgrim Hall, Paterson St (opposite Myer carpark) from 10am to 3pm.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

eco savvy, marketing savvy or both...?

so i had an idea ages ago. what's new? i have so many ideas locked up in my little head that they're bottled necked and only trickle to fruition. that's the romantic way of saying: lots of talk and little action! mostly just no time though.

well this idea was to have eco friendly shopping bags to give away as part of a promotion and to use at the market.

a few weeks ago i received a phone call from an organisation asking me to advertise and provide an offer. well, i thought, jump in the deep end and do it!

long story short, i found some cheaper bags (they are soooo expensive!!) that were on special as a last one kind of thing and bought 500 of them. i looked into getting them printed with my logo at the same time and it was $2 extra - per bag!!!

so i got my diy=save money hat on and googled.

i found some transfer paper at an online site that you can print yourself from your home printer and then iron onto your thingo. i bought some calico at my least favourite, most potential shop, spotlight and wacko, i set myself a task and saved around $1.30 per bag.

so here they are. 11 down, 489 to go.

btw: did anyone see and keep their coupon from the excerpt in the sunday examiner last week?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Market Day Again This Saturday, 12th September

Ooooh, such anticipation! We have the most eclectic and wonderful range of stalls next weekend!

Here they are:

Loz & Dinny - beautiful girls dresses and other bits of accessories

Tam & Friends - dad's turned bowls and my frayed denim bibs

That Vintage
- sophie's gorgeous range of laser cut timber jewellery and fabric covered button bits

Cheryl's Creations - cheryl's own freeform crochet vests, hats, slippers, wraps and scarves

Rocky Gardens - the most divine range of jams & preserves, all colour and preservative free

Liz & Jess - scrummy and warm ready-made handknitted scarves and cool diy kits

Mrs Smith & Red Bamboo - Mrs Smith does a groovy range of vintage & recycled homewares and Red Bamboo has smell-icious candles and lotions

inner+child - very cute things for the very cute little ones

Kylane Creations - will Kylie bring her beaded jewellery or will she have expanded her brand new range of lovely photo albums that were so popular last time?

Robin Cochrane - beaded jewellery including freshwater pearls

Tina Pinkard - all kinds of sewn treats including bags and cushions

What About Wine
- cleanskin wines - we can't tell you exactly where they come from, but between you and me, there may be some very reputable Tasmanian wineries involved

Rowena Butler - beautiful handknitted and hand woven throw rugs, cushions, scarves, wraps and fabric lengths

Sewnearth - tracy's hand-dyed and stitched scarves and other bits

Pots of Love - bulbs potted up in the most delightful array of pots and planters, tulips available this time!

Emma Kimpton - very cool original art in the form of framed pictures, tshirts and cards

Margo Boardman - gorgeous range of felted lovelies from kid's toys to bags and brooches

Cathryn Gibson
- a huge range of yummy headbands to keep the hair out of the eyes of the fussiest little girls and other little sewn treats

Little Jenny Wren Dolls - the most amazing dolls with darling features and the cutest outfits

Mary & Shaz - wonderful knitted bits and pieces, cute little beanies, gloves, scarves and more

Nicole Meijer - cute little playthings for kids

Ruby Victoria Printmaking and Letterpress - just awesome letterpress printing and handcarved linocut prints

We look foward to showing off the wares that have been lovingly handmade by each of our talented stallholders.

See you Saturday at Pilgrim Hall!