Monday, December 28, 2009

Aaahhh... holidays

'Poison' Ivy and Harriet, the 'H-Bomb'
I'm having a little holiday.  Not going anywhere.  Not doing anything special.  Just not doing anything.  Noice.

I must be honest, and admit that today, I did go and do a little stocktake of my skirts to find out how many I need to sew next week.  Probably shouldn't have done that...  The answer is too many.  More than I can sew in a week.  Do you know what that means?  I sold 18 skirts in the two weeks prior to Christmas!  Good-ness me!

And so my holiday is ruined, momentarily, because I realise that I need to restock and I need to start this week if I'm going to hold a full compliment of stock for the 9th January market.  Maybe I'll just take orders until I can rebuild my stock.

So back to my holiday.  I've been relishing the extra time with my littlies, pictured above.  The H-Bomb, at two and a half, has been an absolute gem over Christmas.  She cracks me up all the time with her endless chatter and funny quips.  She doesn't miss a trick.  Poison Ivy, now 6 months, is a little stunner with a huge grin that she dishes out readily.  She loves her big sister and when she starts getting around I'm sure she'll be a little shadow.

Here she is pictured in the beepbeep sling I bought recently.  This is her fave spot at the moment.  She sits up in it and tries to grab everything in arms reach.  She drops off to sleep with the movement and loves being close to mum.  She is such a mummy's girl.

Well, better get back to doing... nothing.  Aaaah... holidays.


  1. gorgeous! have a nice holiday Tameeka!

  2. Awww cute little girls!! Tameeka take a well earned rest and see you in the new year :)

  3. Sling looks GOOOORRRGGGEEEOUSSS! And so does Ivy, btw.

    Hope you're having a well earned break, Tameeka, will be in contact soon!