Monday, December 14, 2009

busy, busy, busy

one weekend... two markets

First it was the Homespun Market on Saturday. 

Where did all of those people come from??!  It was a huge day - 18 inside and 9 outside stalls and lots and lots of patrons.

Then, on Sunday, it was up with (or quite possibly before) the sparrows and off to Hobart for the market.

Another great day!  We were stoked with the awesome antique hat and coat stand that was provided to us and also our position close to the 'secret toilet' come fitting room with a great mirror!

our stall at 'the market' Hobart

We were intrigued with all the amazing chairs and cupboards and so many of those hat stands and secret rooms and cctv and intercoms and gizmos and gadgets in this amazing venue - the Masonic Temple.  We felt very naughty having a little poke around and came away with more questions about the use of the facility than answers.  Very interesting.

our 'point of sale counter' consisted of a little stand that we found right behind our stall that held our carry bags beautifully and we brought down our own trunk as our 'table'

We sold some skirts and had a good look around this lovely market.  It is held on the first Sunday of each month and is run by three amazing ladies.  The halls looked really lovely with good lighting, a free-flowing layout and excellent signage.

I'm now absolutely stuffed but about to get into an order taken from yesterday so that I can get it in the mail tomorrow.


  1. hi Tameeka your skirts are beautiful! I didn't realise you also made clothing I would love to buy one at some point.
    I am pleased you enjoyed the market down here and I hope to see you back soon !

  2. Tameeka where do you get your energy from? Good on you, it is great exposure for both yourself and the Civic Homespun Market which obviously benefits us all, keep up the good work.

    Shaz :)