Thursday, February 25, 2010

Journals, art, jewellery, Hideyo at the market tomorrow

You read it right!  Hideyo, with their gorgeous, Japanese-inspired homewear and accessories is back at the market tomorrow!  Aren't we lucky.

Hideyo's recycled paper origami balls

We also have:
Isis - handbound journals
Hoot Hoot Skirts - cotton drill wrap skirts
Paper & Thread - a range of paper things and sewn things
Three Little Chickens - applique singlets, pendants, gifty bits
Blaze Mason - original art
22 cupcakes - um, cupcakes!  yummmm...
inner+child - accessories for children and their spaces
Robin Cochrane - chunky jewellery and freshwater pearls
Tina Pinkard - textiles all sewn up, shopping bags too
mary & janice - big totes and bags
Love Bubbles - jewellery and cards and original artwork
Samspiration - felted beanies and booties, bags, brooches, soft toys, c-ute!
Lydia - eat here or takeaway for dinner - samosas and indian food
L&L Quilts - huge range of quilts and cushions
Soewnearth - hand-dyed silk scarves and handmade and fired buttons and jewellery
Apooki - button jewellery & accessories
Tom's Fences - timber fences so that your toy farm animals don't stray!
Rocky Gardens - jams, sauces, berries
Four Seasons Herbs - huge range of herbs and plants
Lees Orchards - new season apples!  free-range eggs and veg
Cheryl Medwin - knitting and crochet is Cheryl
Babushkas Bazaar - wet felt scarves, hats & bags

See you at Pilgrim Hall, Paterson St (opp. Myer carpark), 10am-3pm tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The signs are out there

have you seen our signs out and about this week?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Refreshed! Check out our website!

Our website has been in need of an overhaul for as long as I can remember!

And now it lives!

The website will now be more onsite market focused with a kind of 'round up' from the last market.

Each fortnight (-ish! 2nd and 4th remember!) the site will be completely redone and if you missed the Saturday market you'll be able to go online and see just exactly what and who you missed out on!

Hope you enjoy visiting the site regularly to check out our awesome and talented stallholders who do a brilliant job in creating beautiful stuff!

Go right now and visit our revamped website...  Don't delay!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who's at Homespun this Weekend

It's raining like crazy at our place.  We're back from holidays.  The rain was a good note to come home on - I would have felt depressed leaving on a day like yesterday!

So rain, keep coming today and tomorrow and all tomorrow night, and then stop at around 7am on Saturday morning just for 7 or 8 hours... please?

Here is the fabulous line up for this Saturday's market:

Tamar Valley Gourmet Foods - cakes, slices, biscuits including gluten free - the best baked goods I've ever tasted and market priced too...

Lizart - a large range of fine beaded jewellery including crystals

Hoot Hoot Skirts - groovy ladies' wrap skirts

Three Little Chickens - bits and bobs of all kinds of stuff from pendants to cards, cute appliqued baby singlets

Justeen Hamer **new** - handmade jewellery

Blaze Mason - original artwork by Blaze, very cool badge brooches among other stuff

22 Cupcakes - everyone loves a cupcake, one for then and there or a pack to take away and share... ooh that rhymes!  I'm on a roll...

inner+child - gorgeous childrens' accessories including new owl felt brooches and hairclips, childrens' aprons and cute little fairy wing t-shirts

Tina Pinkard - a huge range of sewn items including great shopping bags

Robin Cochrane - groovy, chunky beaded jewellery including freshwater pearls

Mary & Janice - gorgeous totes, little slippers, pyjamas, ladies' skirts, plus whatever Mary and Janice have had the impulse to sew over the past couple of weeks!

Crystal Rivet - a beautiful range of rivets (like covered buttons) hand embroidered by Lee

Samantha Derbyshire - candles and candles, nice

Samspiration - felted creations, including beanies, toys and brooches.  Margot was low on stock before Christmas and has been madly knitting and felting all January and I can't wait to see her new stock!

Love Bubbles - a lovely range of necklaces, bracelets and gorgeous cards

Tom's Fences - little Tom, aged 6, makes these awesome fences for your toy farm animals because every toy farm needs fences and they're apparently hard to come by

Rocky Gardens - local jams and sauces made from local produce - and absolutely yummy to boot!

Lees Orchards - apples plus free range eggs and some veg

Four Seasons Herbs - get your herbs from a real herb specialist who knows what they're talking about...

Lydia - **new** fab indian cooking including samosas - eat in or take some away for your instant meal at home!

Time to get back and have another look at us!  Get down to Homespun this Saturday.

Pilgrim Hall, Paterson St (opposite Myer carpark)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Beach

We've had two days at Greens Beach and we're loving it!

At seven months, Poison Ivy hasn't quite gotten the hang of smiling on cue and at two and a half, the H-Bomb just couldn't hold that smile any longer when the little one finally did look up!

The weather has been lovely and it looks like we're in for much more of it.  Bring it on!

Tomorrow I might even post something about handmade and markets... maybe.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

At the Shack

We're having a spur of the moment holiday.

Our friend's shack at Greens Beach was unexpectedly vacated and Nick just started 4 weeks of annual leave so we packed up the girls and the dogs and headed off.

Now there are shacks and there are shacks if you know what I mean.  Shacks that are on par or better than your humble abode or shacks that are just that - little shanties.

The shack we're at is a little shanty, a throw back to the 1970s.  I am dying to share some pictures with you!

look at these mirrors!

this is the lighting in the kitchen - the wallpaper is nearly cool again

and remember these doorbells?!  we had one at home...

and take in that wallpaper in the bedroom!  if it was reno'd it would be a keeper for sure!

and the centrepiece in the living area including that great lamp and the original shagpile carpet... how about that for quality!

We have been here 24 hours and are settling in and relaxing already.  It's so generous of our friends to let us use this little relic!  The best thing about it is the golf course setting and just 5 minutes flat walk to the beach.  Aaaahhhhh, we might not come home... for a while anyway.

Alas, there is a market next weekend that I must be in town for...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Five Saturdays in January = No Market this Weekend

Our new operating days of the second and fourth Saturdays of the month is kind of fortnightly, but occasionally not.

So no market this weekend.

We are on again on Festivale weekend, 13th February.  We'll hopefully take advantage of lots of visitors to town and add to the festival atmosphere.