Thursday, February 4, 2010

At the Shack

We're having a spur of the moment holiday.

Our friend's shack at Greens Beach was unexpectedly vacated and Nick just started 4 weeks of annual leave so we packed up the girls and the dogs and headed off.

Now there are shacks and there are shacks if you know what I mean.  Shacks that are on par or better than your humble abode or shacks that are just that - little shanties.

The shack we're at is a little shanty, a throw back to the 1970s.  I am dying to share some pictures with you!

look at these mirrors!

this is the lighting in the kitchen - the wallpaper is nearly cool again

and remember these doorbells?!  we had one at home...

and take in that wallpaper in the bedroom!  if it was reno'd it would be a keeper for sure!

and the centrepiece in the living area including that great lamp and the original shagpile carpet... how about that for quality!

We have been here 24 hours and are settling in and relaxing already.  It's so generous of our friends to let us use this little relic!  The best thing about it is the golf course setting and just 5 minutes flat walk to the beach.  Aaaahhhhh, we might not come home... for a while anyway.

Alas, there is a market next weekend that I must be in town for...

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  1. holy moley, what a cool place, have a nice time