Sunday, October 4, 2009

eco savvy, marketing savvy or both...?

so i had an idea ages ago. what's new? i have so many ideas locked up in my little head that they're bottled necked and only trickle to fruition. that's the romantic way of saying: lots of talk and little action! mostly just no time though.

well this idea was to have eco friendly shopping bags to give away as part of a promotion and to use at the market.

a few weeks ago i received a phone call from an organisation asking me to advertise and provide an offer. well, i thought, jump in the deep end and do it!

long story short, i found some cheaper bags (they are soooo expensive!!) that were on special as a last one kind of thing and bought 500 of them. i looked into getting them printed with my logo at the same time and it was $2 extra - per bag!!!

so i got my diy=save money hat on and googled.

i found some transfer paper at an online site that you can print yourself from your home printer and then iron onto your thingo. i bought some calico at my least favourite, most potential shop, spotlight and wacko, i set myself a task and saved around $1.30 per bag.

so here they are. 11 down, 489 to go.

btw: did anyone see and keep their coupon from the excerpt in the sunday examiner last week?

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  1. HI Tameeka
    I am new to the market coming along on 17th and would love to help you with the bags i can sew some up for you.


    Mary Curran