Sunday, November 8, 2009

We're going big-time and running a TV campaign!

Ok, so in my other job with a national company from which I'm currently on maternity leave, we'd call it a TVC (television campaign).

We'd get an info pack through our intranet site including a 20 page speccy powerpoint presentation showing the market research and charts with our goals at what percentage we'll grow our business during this campaign and a heap of text and showy pictures. All of this will justify to our big bosses who sign off on our spend that we need this TVC.

At the Homespun Market, I have used a very complicated equation to decide our advertising for this year. It goes something like this: market open(few know about it/not much traffic through the door)/little time to do cheap marketing = must let maximum people know that we're open by using mass media in a TVC!!!

Just in case you're not a maths wizz (I once was, but having 2 babies has stolen quite a few of my brain cells!), we are open, we don't have enough people coming through, and I need a way to get people in the door in a short period of time.

Look out for our advert on Southern Cross TV. We are running the ads on Wed-Fri for the next 6 weeks from this Wednesday.

Watch this space as I'll post a copy of the ad in the blog on Wednesday.

PS. The ads feature the gorgeous photography from Lisa Kuilenburg :)

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  1. wow! can't wait to see them, how exciting. i hope they look great and most of all i hope they work :)
    x isis