Monday, August 17, 2009

A Little Denim Skirt For Ivy

So I just couldn't resist... A friend gave me the cute little Bonds leggings when Ivy was born, but what would she wear them with? Big sister Harriet was a trouser girl (and mostly still is!) - not as feminine-looking as Ivy in the early months - hard to admit - because we thought she was just the most beautifullest child in the whole world!! So the hand-me-down clothes didn't contain a skirt or dress in size 000.

I decided that I would make little Ivy a denim skirt. I pulled out some denim I had in my ever so dwindling stash (I don't get out much to randomly fabric shop these days!!) and one of my six boxes of little bits and pieces of fabric. You know the little bits that you just can't bear to throw out after cutting out a pattern, not big enough to sew something else, but you might use it one day... Low and behold, I had cut off the legs of an old pair of jeans once and, what do you know, perfect for a little size 000 skirt! No cutting and measuring and sewing all day, just two quick hems, a bit of elastic and voila!

It was looking a little plain, so I added this little fabric circle and button detail that I had been dreaming about for days.

Are they set for mass production and a target audience of Homespun Market goers? Maybe, you (and I) never just know what I might get up to on any one day...


  1. gorgeous and the detail is very cute!

  2. They are so cute - and Ivy soooo has your features Tameeka! Cute Cute CUTE!

  3. Wow Ivy has grown so much! In denim already too!
    :D xx lovely!