Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A good omen from the Council maybe...

After reading through all the fine print from our previous application, the Council are right and I was confused - the process we went through last time took 7 months and was very confusing.  So many different levels of Council and processes.  As it goes, I had no option but to reapply, pay the fee again and now wait.  All being well we wont get any opposition as this will slow our application considerably. 

Today the Launceston City Council granted us permission to continue to trade whilst our Development Application is being assessed.

Thank you LCC for your generous decision.

Hopefully just the first of more good news to follow...


  1. Really glad to hear the news... really sorry you had to pay AGAIN!!!!
    Will keep fingers and toes crossed for the thumbs up from LCC

  2. Good news about paying again too! The manager of planning called me yesterday and offered me a heavily discounted rate!

    This is not the LCC we all know...