Thursday, January 7, 2010

We're baaaaack - Homespun is on again this weekend

Holidays done and dusted.  Time to get back into market mode.

So I'm going to tempt your market-buds with our stallholders for this weekend:

Isis - awesome hand-bound journals and the last of her 2010 diaries.  Don't miss out!

Three Little Chickens - cute glass pendants, fridge magnets, applique baby singlets and tees, so much stuff and heaps of new products!

Hoot Hoot Hooray - I've been sewing like mad this week to have my cotton drill skirts in stock again.  Most colours and sizes available this week

Soewnearth - amazingly hand-dyed from natural materials, products include beautiful silk wraps and scarves, buttons and tops

Cheryl's Creations - Cheryl knits, crochets and sews all kinds of things!  In stock she has berets and hats, scarves and wraps and cards but she will make just about anything to order

Mary Curran and her lovely mum Janice - a huge range of handbags and lots of really nice skirts too

Lizart - beautiful finely beaded jewellery including crystal jewellery

inner+child - very, very cute children's accessories including the becoming famous fairy wing tees.

Tina Pinkard - a big range of sewn treats including great shopping bags

Bubbamia - coin purses and now pencil rolls - perfect for back to school!

Robin Cochrane - chunky beaded jewellery including beautiful freshwater pearls

Megan - cupcakes!  They were so successful at our last market because they looked so awesome and tasted just as good!

Genevieve - cute little sock creatures that will melt your heart

Love Bubbles **new** - jewellery, greeting cards and original artwork

Bindu Tamba - African hair braiding, jewellery, clothing

Four Seasons Herbs - a really large range of potted herbs and organic coffee beans

Lees Orchards - get your apples, fresh veg and free range eggs here!

Rocky Gardens - jams and preserves that are so, so yum

Gemma Bryan - cool and groovy kids accessories

I'll see you at the market on Saturday! 

I know its been a while so I'll remind you that its at Pilgrim Hall, opposite the Myer carpark.  Just look for the hot pink market banners :)


  1. Sorry I missed this market, but will be joining you all again soon! Thanks too for the lovely comment you left on my last blog posting. I can't wait to see how the soaps turn out!

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