Monday, March 1, 2010

A radio adventure

After receiving a call from local radio station ABC Northern Tasmania yesterday morning, I was at the studio yesterday afternoon chatting live about the revoluation of handmade with none other than a real Notebook Magazine writer, Francesca Newby!

What an absolute honour to a) chat about handmade on the radio and b) chat about handmade with Francesca who had researched the topic and written for Notebook Magazine!  Lucky me!!

The main focus of the discussion was about the popularity of handmade and how blogs and the internet have opened the doors to the world, taking us out of our traditional local environment and into a global local environment, opening up so many more opportunities for our crafting.

Francesca was knowledgeable and well spoken on the subject and I just added the Launceston view in relation to our market.

I am terribly sorry to have not gotten a photo of me in the studio, headphones on, chatting into the microphone...  my baby brain forgets these things until I get home...

Thanks to the ABC and Francesca Newby for a great opportunity to talk about handmade and Homespun!


  1. I'm so annoyed I missed it!

  2. well done Tameeka - so sorry I missed it!! Hope you got a recording for posterity!